Kyle Pullan Musician - Bio Photo


Kyle started playing piano at a young age, one of his first inspirations was the work of Yanni. By his early teens, Kyle had taken to the electric guitar and discovered Heavy Metal. Spending his teenage years as a lead guitarist and drummer in a number of bands, he was known for his ability to quickly learn complicated riffs and solos. When he wasn’t playing live shows, he tirelessly worked to perfect his timing and style for the most difficult of songs. At nearly 20, he bought a recorder and began to mix, loop and write long, layered and multi-instrumental music.

Fast forward to 2013..
.. when he moved from Ontario to Canmore, Kyle discovered a new style of playing acoustic guitar. His Heavy Metal background didn’t suit the ambience of a mountain town, so he chose to mellow things out with live acoustic and mostly unplugged sets. By using the guitar as a percussion instrument and mixing in complicated finger-picking, Kyle began to write new songs that would better suit the energy of the Rockies.

As an instrumental musician, Kyle Leaves the singing out of his solo acts. He enjoys writing melodies to which the listener can imagine their own stories. With over 20 years of experience, he will continue to evolve his style and play live shows.